1830 East Parks Highway, Wasilla, Alaska (In The Creekside Plaza)

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Thank You so much!


Thank You so much!

In the Beginning


The History of AK Midnite Scents


Once upon a time in the far north land of All I Saw (that's Wasilla Spelled backwards) Alaska, a very small fragrance & gift shoppe was born. Alaska Midnite Scents, a fantastical and magical place it was, where beautiful, unique, scents were created with imagination as the main ingredient. Charming gifts filled the tiny store on the corner of Parks & Main until it burst at the seams....


Chapter Two: a new location

 We needed more space, but finding just the right place would take a great journey. We searched hither and yon, over hill and dale, for a castle where parking would not be a hassle. For the next thirteen years we enjoyed great success. In our location next to Chepo's (the finest Mexican restaurante  & cantina in the valley ), our castle blossomed into a fairyland of dreams. 


Chapter Three: Our move to the Creekside Plaza

As our fairyland expanded and the dragons moved in, our dreams grew bigger than the castle could bear. We imagined a new land where the fairies and dragons could roam free. With a wave of her magic wand the fairy godmother created a new kingdom especially for Alaska Midnite Scents. A peaceful, creek side place (complete with ducks) large enough for the dragons and the fairies to invite new friends. So Raven Moon Gifts  joined in the celebration of a new and glorious kingdom. 

Keepers of the Kingdom


Real Customer Service

You'll be greeted with smiles and a friendly hello. Then our friendly fairies will be around  to make sure you find the perfect gift!  Tis always the season whatever the reason. 


Make a Custom Fragrance

At our fragrance bar you can create a unique, custom fragrance to suit your every mood. there's no limit to what you can make. we have over 100 perfume and essential oils to mix and match until you create the perfect blend.


Extra touches make us different.

  1. Our tee up game guarantees a discount on every purchase.
  2. Additional discounts for Seniors, military, students and teachers.
  3. Free gift wrapping.
  4. Complimentary coffee & tea or a cold soft drink.
  5. A relaxing friendly atmosphere.

Special Events & Promotions


Black Friday and small business Saturday

We are still making room for some big changes at Alaska Midnite Scents and Raven Moon Gifts. Next week as we approach black Friday & small business Saturday, we're enhancing our "Tee Up" game with bigger discounts! Then on Friday and Saturday get an extra10% off your entire purchase + a free gift!!  Save up to 70% on clearance and discontinued items throughout the store. Enjoy complimentary Drinks and treats while you shop in a fun relaxed environment.

Tee Up! What's This?

Tee Up is a game we play for discounts. Each person making a purchase gets to pull a tee from our " Tee Box" the discount will be applied to the most expensive, full price item on the receipt. discount is determined by the color of the tees tip. 5, 10, 25 or 50 % Hint: everybody wins!!!

Loyalty Card

A simple no nonsense system, receive a stamp for every ten dollars that you spend. When you accumulate ten stamps you get $10 off your next purchase. No expiration and no limit to how many rewards you can use at one time. EASY!!

We are clearing the space for exciting changes at AKMS & Raven Moon Gifts.

You'll save a bunch of $$$ when shop today and tomorrow, Nov 2nd & 3rd!

Save even more when you pay with CASH!!!

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to stop in during normal business hours.

welcome to Raven Moon Gifts & Ak Midnite Scents

In the Creekside Plaza 1830 East Parks Highway Ste. A130 Wasilla, Alaska 99654

(907) 357-7364

Open Late Seven Days a Week

Monday - Saturday 10 am to 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm

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